Considering our physical built environment as the largest kind of interface between human and the surrounding space, Sora is interested in finding ways to computationally represent human visual spatial experiences that are produced by the forms that comprise designed ambient environments.

FORM studio, Fall 2016

Facing the end of the semester, things are very hectic. The students’ exhibition ends tomorrow (Wed, Dec. 15th), at the first floor architecture building. New pictures will be posted soon.


Sora’s research comprises two main areas, computational design and design education.  Research interests include the following:

  • Design methods and representation
  • Modeling spatial qualities
  • Developing computer-aided design tools and systems
  • Physical/Digital Fabrication (hybrid Fab.)




Sora is currently a lecturer and designer who programs to conduct research. Prior to her PhD work she worked in architectural design in Seattle and Seoul. She has been teaching Design foundations, Visual representation & Spatial composition, and Introduction to digital media, all for college students. She holds the Ph.D. in Computational Design (advisor, Mark D Gross), Carnegie Mellon University and M.Arch, University of Washington.

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